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- You will learn the FIVE-STEP BALANCE – this simple and yet powerful process links a goal of your own abilities you need to achieve. In school, at home, or at work, we may experience undue stress in learning a task and make negative decisions about our abilities. These decisions are then learned and stored in the brain, becoming learning blocks which can dramatically and negatively alter the quality of our entire life.

- A BALANCE helps you or anyone in your life, Undo these blocks and in their place, build bridges of success. It Works. Its never too late to learn this amazing Kinesiology work. You will also learn two Repatterning techniques. DENNISON LATERALITY REPATTERNING integrates your left and right brain hemispheres, enabling you to shift mental gears from reflexive action to more conscious ways of thinking and behaving.

- THREE DIMENSIONAL REPATTERNING goes beyond left/right brain to include the brain's deeper structures. It is especially useful for achieving goals requiring attention, motivation, or organization.

- Participants will be initiated into the art of MUSCLE CHECKING. Muscle checking is an indicator for bodily function and information. With the proper intention, it is a very accurate way to assess the bodies wisdom about itself.

- This Basic 101 workshop is your first ticket towards the qualification of becoming a certified Brain Gym® Instructor.