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  • 26 Brain Gym® Movements (8 hours class)
  • Brain Gym® Basic Certification 101 (32 hours)
  • Brain Gym® movement class for parents with pre-school children
  • Brain Gym® movement class for parents with autistic, dyslexic, ADHD, sensory dysfunction and developmentally slow children
  • Other Edu-K courses conducted by overseas consultants
Brain Gym® for babies & toddlers (workshop for parents)
1-Day Brain Gym® workshop for parents
Brain Gym® for babies & toddlers (workshop for parents)

Qualified Brain Gym® consultants will lead you through a process called balancing. Choose a goal, something you wish to accomplish, or some potential within yourself that you would like to develop and you will be guided through a series of Brain Gym® activities to meet your specific needs. These activities help you access the skills and abilities that your goal requires, allowing you to easily and enjoyably fulfill dreams that may once seemed unreachable.

Anyone can benefit from a balancing, especially children with learning difficulties or adults who are stuck and unable to enjoy their lives with their family and friends.

Brain Dominance Profiling

Find out your child's dominant hemisphere, ear, eye, hand and foot, and how the combination can support and affect learning. Dominance Profile allows parents and teachers to have new and constructive insights into their children/students individualities rather than give them labels which will confine and limit their view of themselves and their potential.

Based on Dr. Carla Hannaford's work on the "Dominance Factor", there are thirty-two different Dominance Profiles and they provide important clues about a learner's preference in school or at home.


Private session for children with special needs

There are therapy sessions plus Physical Program conducted by our Brain Gym® instructors for children who are classified as "special needs". These include autism, down syndrome, sensory dysfunction, low muscle-toned and brain injured children.