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Overcoming Learning Challenges

"We cannot believe the improvement in our daughter after five sessions of Brain-Gym. Before we were referred to Brain-Gym, our daughter Abigail, age 8, could not tie her shoes without help, could not ride her bike without training wheels, and was having difficulty reading at her grade level. Since working with Brain-Gym, Abigail is riding her bike without assistance and training wheels. She is tying her shoes by herself, but most important her reading rate and reading fluency have greatly increased, which has also increased her reading comprehension.

Before working with Brain-Gym, Abigail had received physical therapy and occupational therapy in order to help manage a sensory integration disorder. Even though she had worked through a lot of her sensory issues with the help of physical therapists and occupational therapists, she was still unable to perform with ease some motor tasks and was having difficulty in her academic setting due to poor reading this, I now have been asked to help facilitate workshops in my community.
The applause belongs to Brain Gym. As we say in Hawaii, "No Ka O!" which means, "It's the best!"

Keener Listetning
"Not long after I completed the 3-day Brain Gym course given by Terry Wade I was conducting a criminal investigation which required transcribing of a taped phone conversation. The tape was very poorly done and difficult to hear. After numerous unsuccessful attempts I decided that I would try to use what I had learned in Brain Gym.

"I put myself in PACE and although I was in my office at work I did a balance on my hearing with the goal of accurate transcription of the taped conversation. The first time I listened after doing that I was able to understand the three important statements made in the tape."
– Claude G. Smith, Texas
Tool for Seniors...
"Recently, I started to knit a sweater for my granddaughter. The design was an Aran style with cables, diamonds, and bobbles. I soon found myself having dreadful trouble, and had to undo my stitches again and again. So many fruitless attempts! I was ready to give in; no more fancy knitting for me! Then I said to myself, "This is quite ridiculous. I have knitted incredible patterns for years, and I don't believe that you lose this ability just by getting old."

As I sat looking at the pattern for the sweater, I thought, "Hang on just a minute, I need to do some Brain Gym." So I stopped and did 20 minutes of Brain Gym activities.
No more trouble! The sweater is now finished and much admired, and I've knitted a couple more for my grandson. What's age got to do with it?"
- Maureen Nash, Australia

Tool for Juniors...

"It was ski season and our family loves the sport. My husband, two teenagers and I ski well. Our five-year-old Rudy was finding it quite a challenge to learn, but he definitely wanted to ski with the rest of us. After spending a rather frustrating day working with this little fellow on the slopes, my husband asked if I thought some Brain Gym would assist. Rudy was willing to balance for skiing, and we proceeded with Dennison Laterality Re-patterning.

The following morning we all were on the slopes early. We started Rudy out on the beginners' hill.: He mastered this terrain at once. He learned turns and stops at first instruction and soon was experiencing the thrill of skiing with confidence and competence. After lunch he joined the rest of the family to ski all the intermediate runs on the mountain!"

– Cynde Huffman, Illinois, USA

Powerful Public Speaking
"I joined a Toastmasters group a year ago at the company where I work. Recently, I was scheduled to speak on the very day that our company planned to hold an open house for all employees. For days prior to the actual presentation, I did several Brain Gym activities as suggested in the Brain Gym for Business Handbook.

On the day of the open house, the president of the company and several vice-presidents were in the audience. I was commended by the president of the company for giving an excellent speech. After the open house, three employees joined our club. In addition to this, I now have been asked to help facilitate workshops in my community.
The applause belongs to Brain Gym. As we say in Hawaii, "No Ka O!" which means, "It's the best!"
– Flo Johnasen, Hawaii, USA