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"We cannot believe the improvement in our daughter after five sessions of Brain-Gym. Before we were referred to Brain-Gym, our daughter Abigail, age 8, could not tie her shoes without help, could not ride her bike without training wheels, and was having difficulty reading at her grade level. Since working with Brain-Gym, Abigail is riding her bike without assistance and training wheels.
Brain Gym
Brain Gym® 101 is the basic Brain Gym course for brain integration through body movement. Learn twenty-six Brain Gym® exercises, the Edu-K Balance process, and Dennison Laterality Repatterning. Discover a permanent tool for reaching personal goals.

You will learn the FIVE-STEP BALANCE – this simple and yet powerful process links a goal of your own abilities you need to achieve. In school, at home, or at work, we may experience undue stress in learning a task and make negative decisions about our abilities. These decisions are then learned and stored in the brain, becoming learning blocks which can dramatically and negatively alter the quality of our entire life.